Transaction & Loyalty Fraud

Online transactions and loyalty programs offer the potential for huge financial gain. As a result, fraudsters aggressively exploit vulnerabilities, causing direct losses, hindered growth, and tarnished brand reputation.

Promo Abuse

Promo abuse involves exploiting promotions offering free or discounted goods and services. As promotional campaigns only offer a limited number of discounts per user, fraudsters will attempt to maximise their illicit gains by systematically exploiting loopholes.

Fraudulent Payment

Fraudulent payments occur when a fraudster uses a stolen credit card or another payment instrument to make unauthorized purchases.

Loyalty Fraud

Loyalty fraud is the exploitation of a loyalty system to illicitly earn rewards. Fraudsters systematically exploit loopholes in the rewards mechanism to earn cash, points, or other incentives. One example is asking for a refund on a huge purchase after having exchanged it for a high-value reward.

Fraudulent Transfer

Fraudulent transfers occur when one user takes over another user's reward point account. The fraudster will either transfer the points over to their own account, sell them for cash, or redeem them for rewards.

Fraudulent Claim

Fraudulent claims involve trying to obtain some benefit or advantage that a user is not entitled to. Fraudsters often target insurance or grant companies by attempting to fake a legitimate event that earns them a payout.

Withdrawal Fraud

Withdrawal fraud is the process of taking over a user's account or topping up a stolen credit card to access the available balance. Once achieved, the fraudster is able to make unauthorized withdrawals or purchases.